Meet Kelsey

Passionate Stylist & Award-Winning Artist

Kelsey Taba, passionate stylist and the Kels behind Styles by Kels, believes she was created to create. Her love for hair, coupled with her undying thirst for creativity, has led her to establish a remarkable career in hairstyling.

Her Journey

Before embarking on her hairstyling journey, Kelsey pursued spiritual growth by completing a Bible certificate at Cedarville University and dedicating half a year to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) by serving in Haiti. This period reinforced her love for people and deepened her understanding of God’s word, preparing her for the path ahead.

Kelsey moved to Indianapolis with her family and attended Aveda Fredric’s Institute, where she honed her skills in cosmetology. During her time at Aveda, she had the opportunity to work on the hair and makeup team for season two of the TV series, “The Chosen.” This experience expanded her knowledge in various aspects of the beauty industry.

After her time at Aveda, Kelsey worked at Dry Bar, focusing on blowouts and styles, before transitioning to No Label Salon in Zionsville, Indiana. Over the course of a year and a half, she further developed her expertise in cutting and coloring. Now an independent stylist at Harbor Collective Salon, Kelsey’s time is spent running her business and working alongside an incredibly talented team.

Family and community are important cornerstones of Kelsey’s life. In 2021, she met her now-husband, Andrew, and they got married in November 2022. Kelsey cherishes the life they are building together in Indianapolis and looks forward to continuing to grow her community!

Kelsey’s passion for hairstyling, creativity, and her love for people are the driving forces behind Styles by Kels. Let her artistic skills and warm spirit transform your hair experience.

Awards & Certifications

Accepted into the Pro Beauty Association Beacon program, an exclusive opportunity for top beauty school talent

The only representative from Indiana to attend the Beacon program

Gained invaluable experience and learned creative hair and makeup techniques while working on “The Chosen” production

Continuously attends industry workshops and conferences to refine her skillset and stay current with the latest trends